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Seasonings that make "delicious"

Our Favorite City ニッポン × タイワン オンガクカクメイ

2021/05/07 18:55


I like traveling and have traveled alone since I was in my twenties, mainly in Europe and Northern Europe.

When I'm interested in one country, I want to go back and forth, and for the past 10 years, I've been crazy about Taiwan and other Asian countries.

Although the climate and culture overlap, I am attracted to the fact that each has its own characteristics.

Especially, the more I visit Taiwan, the more I miss it.

Taiwanese things are indispensable to my life, so I always bring back everything from ingredients to daily necessities.

When you take an airline ticket, the criterion is how much luggage you can leave next to the schedule. I often bring two suitcases with me.

In this series, we will introduce the classic Taiwanese souvenirs that have been carefully selected over the course of about 10 years.

The first time is seasoning.

Not only Taiwanese food, but also Japanese food can be widely used.

First of all, sesame oil, which is indispensable for stir-fry.

At the long-established store "Shinise Oil Factory", which has been located near Shuanglian Station in Taipei City for over 100 years, you can get high-purity sesame oil "Shiba scented oil".

There is no other fragrance and deep taste, and I have been using sesame oil for a long time at home.

It can be widely used for stir-fried foods, dumpling finishing, soups, dressings, etc.

It seems that one seasoning has improved my cooking skills.

The other is vinegar.

Founded in 1949, "Hengtai Toyoyuki" is a purveyor to the government, and it is well known that Chiang Kai-shek and others used this "luxury vinegar" habitually.

An unforgettable, elegant acidity. It is a gem that has many fans among cooking researchers.

There are roadside stores in Taipei City, but they are also available at select shops such as Shinno Market (MAJI), PEKOE, and Eslite Bookstore.

When traveling, it's a good idea to buy them together with others at such stores.

From here, we will introduce the seasonings available at supermarkets in Taiwan.

This water dumpling sauce was taught by a person who is doing a cooking class in Taipei.

No preservatives are used, so you can eat with confidence.

It has a spicy taste and a good sesame oil aroma, making it perfect for chewy dumplings.

Of course, it can be used not only for water dumplings, but also for grilled dumplings and cold dumplings.

It seems that this is now available in Japan as well, so please give it a try.

Finally, it is a spice of chicken chicken , which is familiar in Taiwan's night market.

鹽 酥 雞 is a light meal where you can choose ingredients such as vegetables and chicken, fry them on the spot, and season them with spices.

I had a feast at my friend's house in Taiwan and was completely captivated by the deliciousness that followed.

Tapioca powder is used for the fried batter, and it has a crispy texture, but you can feel Taiwanese just by shaking it with a commercially available fried chicken.

By the way, no artificial pigments, artificial fragrances, or preservatives are added.

And that flat and big fried chicken (Jeepai), which is also popular as a night market gourmet, can be reproduced with this seasoning.

Don't forget to bring "delicious" souvenirs when you go to Taiwan!

Komi Yanagisawa

Many books on essayist clothing, food, housing, travel, and Taiwan. The latest issue is "How to Make Home Time" (Daiwa Bunko), which is a compilation of the Yomiuri Shimbun series.
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