TWEEDEES x Gestalt Girl Japan-Taiwan Special Dialogue [Part 1]

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2021/06/03 19:00


* Automatic translation on the line used for this article.

The second of Japan-Taiwan artist exchange projects is

We invited TWEEDEES from Japan and Gestalt Girl from Taiwan.

Both are female vocals and duo, and the format of group formation is the same,

On the other hand, with regard to musicality, the worldviews depicted by each are so positive and negative that it can be said that they are the exact opposite.

However, when we approach each music from the remarks of past interview articles,

Isn't there a point that connects deeper than the superficial format?

I felt that, and asked for a dialogue between the two parties this time.

Interview / text / Tatsuya Yuki

── Originally, music like TWEEDEES has some followers in Japan, but

I'm sure there is no such band in Taiwan.

Please listen to it! I had the feeling. simply.

Mikan (Gestalt Girl) I think it's music that you can't find in Taiwan.

I thought it was a very pop and bright music that made me feel optimistic when I listened to it in my daily life.

* Editor's note
Mikan usually comes to Japan on business trips, so she is quite good at Japanese. All remarks are moms.

TWEEDEES "Beautiful songs are always sad"

TWEEDEES. Natsumi Kiyoura (left) on vocals and Reiji Okii (right) on bass

── I did it! I'm happy to say that, how about Mr. Oki?

Oki (TWEEDEES) It 's best for everyone to be happy to listen (laughs)

Kaiaki (Gestalt Girl) Actually, I live in Taiwan, but I'm not familiar with Taiwanese music.

That's because I've been familiar with Japanese music since I was little.

That's why I know Japanese music better than Taiwan.

Okii I understand that feeling, I'm not very familiar with Japanese music (laughs)

Kaiaki Yeah , is that so? (Lol)

Oki: In the 1990s, when I made my debut, I listened to music from other countries such as England and Japan.

Even when I was an amateur before my debut, I listened mainly to British and American music, and I learned how to compose music.

I'm wondering if there are people like that (people who don't listen to the music of their own country).

So, I got a sense of familiarity with what Kaiaki said earlier.

Kaiaki That's right (laughs).

Now, I would like to ask the two of TWEEDEES. How did you hear when we listened to the music of Gestalt Girl?

Japanese music? Or is it a different country?

Gestalt Girl "Nice to Meet You."

Gestalt maiden. Mikan on vocals (left) and Kaiaki on guitar (right).

Oki : I'm wondering if there is an influence from Japanese music, but I'm sure I've listened to various other music as well. It's like that.

Since Mikan sings in Japanese, it may just sound like the influence of Japanese pop music is even stronger.

Kiyoura (TWEEDEES) When I heard the music of Gestalt Girl, do you like the music of Tokyo in the 2010s? I received the impression that.

What kind of music have you listened to? I was worried.

Kaiaki There are so many of them!

Of course not only in Japan.

In Japan, I think it is influenced by Ringo Sheena and Sakanaction.

Mikan We are Petrols, Theory of Relativity, Tokyo Incident, Spangle call lilli line, etc.

──Are all ordinary Taiwanese people listening to that kind of thing?

People who play Mikan music care about Fuji Rock performers, and find artists they like from there.

What kind of music does Kaiaki Oki like outside of Japan?

Kaiaki Michael Jackson or Mr. BIG. Also, Yngwie Malmsteen ...

Oki Hey, I like heavy metal and hard rock (laughs).

Michael is Motown.

Kaiaki Well, I like Western rock, but basically it's omnivorous.

Of course, I like soul and funk, so do heavy metal, and I also like jazz.

Unlike the roots I imagined from the delicate sound of Gestalt Girl, the first part ends when Kaiaki-san, who was surprisingly stadium rock (nobody says it anymore), made a statement.

However, despite their shy personalities, these two men do not stop when it comes to music.

It's like a boy (and both vocal women are younger!).

No, that's not what I was looking for ...

From here, the story goes deeper, so stay tuned for the second part.

As an aside, listening to them reminded me of another band, IVY, played by Adam of the Fountains of Wayne, who died in Corona last April.

IVY is an extravagant group with Tahiti 80 producer Andy Chase as a member, and has released only two albums in total.

It was clearly outstanding in the late 90's style guitar pop scene.

The strength of the core, which cannot be expressed in words such as sound image and technique, was released from IVY.

They may have felt such a sparkle.

IVY / Get out of the City

On the YouTube channel "SAYULOG", we will deliver two sets of special talks with videos!

Please check it by all means!


Formed in 2015.
A pop group by Natsumi Kiyoura and Reiji Okii (ex-Cymbals).

It has a good reputation for its musicality, fashionability, and staging live performances with friendly characters, which are highly supported by a wide range of fans.

The fan community site " TWEEDEES CLUB " has been opened on Bitfan, and limited content for members is being updated daily.

β–  Gestalt Girl

Formed in 2016,
A rock band by Vo.Mikan and Gt.Kaiaki from Taiwan.

The songs that combine lyrics with a unique world view drawn in Japanese and sounds regardless of genre are attractive.

Tatsuya Yuki

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